What you Need to Know About HIPAA Compliance and Your Multifunction Printer


Keeping customer and employee data safe is a must today, and not just for ethical reasons. HIPAA compliance mandates this privacy and charges businesses with keeping patient data secure. If you have a multifunction printer, you have extra security measures that can be a part of your company's network security.

How An In-House Production Printer Can Help Your Marketing Strategy


Save Money with In-House Marketing Strategies

Our Production Printer is a Multifunction Printer, meaning, you can use this printer for production print. A successful company must use up-to-date and effective marketing strategies that increase client base and company profits. Without marketing, a business must close its doors. Successful companies rely on production print for their marketing needs.

The What, Why, and How of Switching to A Multifunction Printer

Multifunction printer

When you are in the office, there is so much to do that it often is necessary to outsource some tasks or to hire new staff to take care of them. When you have a multifunction printer, however, this is usually unnecessary for clerical tasks. The machine does so many of them that the company can save money, and the workers can be more efficient with their time.


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