Production Print Can Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


One of the common goals of businesses today is to create a greener company that has a smaller carbon footprint. When your company has less waste, it uses fewer resources and requires fewer materials to be delivered. With production print available in the office, your company can take another step along the sustainable journey.

Wide Format Prints Blowing Your Budget and Timeline?

EBP Wide format solutions

As the local headquarters of a global chemical manufacturer, our client was relying daily on FedEx to ship wide-format prints created and printed in-house to their many international facilities. Mike B. came to EBP looking to reduce the exorbitant overnight shipping cost that his company was incurring, while still retaining the integrity —and security—of their prints.  

Here's how EBP delivered a solution that erased shipping costs and doubled productivity. 

Repair and Replace Your Print Fleet with MPS


It seems that you are always spending money to upgrade or repair your printing equipment. Some machines are even too old to fix, which means that you are left with outdated equipment that may or may not work. Have you considered printer fleet management services? Investing in a subscription service could be the answer to your dilemma. 

An At-Risk Print Environment (and What You Can Do About It)


Leaving a document at the print station does more than show signs of carelessness. One sensitive document left in the community printer can come with serious ramifications if retrieved by the wrong person. There are things that every company should do to ensure secure print practices, which include solutions that promote a culture of prevention. 

Small Business Benefits With a Multifunction Printer

multifunction printer

As an owner of a small, growing business, budgetary concerns are always at the forefront of any decision.  Everything from buying supplies to investing in a new piece of equipment is scrutinized for the value it adds to the business.  Printer jams and malfunctioning copiers cause headaches for every business owner.  One solution is to invest in a multifunction printer.  These combine printing, scanning, and copying functions into one unit. 


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