Evaluating In-House vs Outsourced Production Printing

production print

Production printing is a big job for any office. Many companies will outsource these tasks to a third-party print shop to make sure that it's done well and is handled on time. However, other companies have chosen to move their production printing in in-house machines for the many benefits this brings them. Here's how to decide which option is best for your business.

Workflow Solutions: Going Green in the Healthcare Industry

healthcare providers discussing

The priority of the healthcare industry is to keep people healthy and happy. However, just like other companies, healthcare businesses also have a responsibility to minimize their environmental impact and go green whenever possible. Believe it or not, some simple workflow solutions can help make this a fast, effective process without once sacrificing efficiency.

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Multifunction Printers?

time to upgrade

It can be difficult to know what "the right time" might be when it comes to upgrading your multifunction printers. After all, if a machine is working "alright," then most companies are content to put off what they see as expensive, frustrating upgrades that could interrupt their workflows. Luckily, upgrades don't have to be a problem--and they might even be your business's best friend.


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