Large Deployments


Helping the Largest Fleets Achieve Maximum Productivity

EBP has the resources and expertise to help clients get the most even from large deployments.

The larger your printer fleet becomes, the greater challenges you can face. As your workplace accumulates dozens or even hundreds of devices, your costs relating to supplies, servicing and energy can skyrocket if you aren't careful.

EBP can show you how to set up your infrastructure for:

  • Improved Efficiency and Uptime
  • Reduced Operating Expenses
  • Optimal Productivity

How EBP Resolves Large Deployment Issues

Equipment deployment can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Recent studies have shown that workers can end up wasting thousands of hours--and more than $100,000--every year just by walking to and from printers.

EBP can help you develop a strategy for positioning Laser Printers, Multifunction Copiers and other systems throughout your workplace. For example, we can help you determine which teams and departments can get by with standard printing equipment and which ones require the enhanced capabilities of MFPs.

EBP has given businesses the ability to deploy hundreds of devices more effectively. They've been able to:

  • Spot opportunities for eliminating or consolidating redundant equipment
  • Minimize costs relating to maintenance and IT support
  • Streamline workflows and reduce time needed to complete tasks

More On Fleet Management

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