Laser Printers

Laser Printers in Albany, Syracuse and Binghamton NY and Williston VT

EBP’s network laser printers balance efficiency with quality. They give you error-free, sharp-looking documents exactly when you need them.

What You Get from EBP’s Network Laser Printers

Our network printers give you:

  • Outstanding print speeds (hundreds of pages within minutes)
  • Great print quality
  • Waste-reducing features like duplex printing and energy-efficient designs
  • Long-lasting print cartridges (last for tens of thousands of pages before they need replacing)

Document Solutions & Fleet Management

To get the most from your printers, you can take advantage of EBP’s Document Solutions:

  • Follow Me Printing allows you to print from different locations without compromising the security of your information.
  • Print Security enables you to protect your important documents from theft and unauthorized access.

We also offer Fleet Management services to help you optimize your printing processes:

  • Fleet Assessment gives you an accurate picture of how printers are used on your network and what that usage costs you.
  • Remote Monitoring gives you a powerful safeguard against network intrusions and costly downtime. We can work over your systems and resolve issues before they can interfere with your productivity.
  • Onsite Support ensures that your machines stay up and running and that you can get work done.
  • Continuous Optimization gives you regular assessments of your productivity and opportunities for increasing it.

More Office Systems

If you’re looking for other highly productive Office Systems, these products might interest you:

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