Remote Monitoring

Man Monitoring the Network data

Let EBP Watch Over Your Printers & Productivity

With EBP’s Remote Monitoring service, we can keep watch of your fleet so you don’t have to. We can focus on your printers so you can focus on business.

Benefits of Printer Monitoring

EBP’s Remote Monitoring service gives you:

Valuable Data on Printer Activity

We can gather data on your color and black-and-white print jobs without interrupting your operations or compromising your security. We can also give you vital info on:

  • Users on your various devices
  • Documents printed on your machines
  • Excessive and inappropriate output
  • Potential malicious usage or security concerns
  • Times to restock supplies before they run out

The size of your printer fleet doesn’t matter. Whether you have a couple of devices or dozens, we can keep watch over all of them.

Fast Alerts and Issue Resolution

When or if something requires your attention, we’ll alert you right away. We’ll be able to handle your problems before unauthorized usage or downtime can wreak havoc on your operations.

Consistently High Productivity

By addressing, resolving and preventing issues on your printer fleet, EBP’s Remote Monitoring service will increase productivity across the board. You can get more work done in all your departments and locations.

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