Onsite Support

Man Fixing Printer

Keep Your Printers in Good Working Order

Ideally, your Laser Printers, Copiers and other equipment would never have any problems. Of course, that’s not how things work. And when your equipment stops working, EBP’s Onsite Support can get them back up and running.

What EBP’s Onsite Support Gives Your Business

When you choose EBP’s Onsite Support, the benefits of years of training and experience become yours. We can guarantee:

Fast Response to Service Calls

Your business can’t afford to spend hours or days having equipment down. EBP knows that, and that’s why we make fast response times a high priority. When you put in a service call, one of our tech experts will head out to your location and get to work as quickly as possible.

Thorough Resolution of Your Equipment Issues

Our techs have spent years learning about and repairing a wide range of printers and copiers. We make sure that they keep their knowledge up-to-date and have everything they’ll need in the field. This combination of know-how and resources ensures that your problems will get fixed the first time.

Minimal Interruptions to Your Productivity

When your equipment functions properly, you can get more work done. That’s the most important benefit of EBP’s Onsite Support: It lets you stay focused on taking care of business. This gives you the opportunity to increase your profitability too.

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EBP’s Fleet Management services can improve your productivity in other ways:

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