Environmental Stewardship

Taking Care of Business and the Planet

These days, companies need to think about more than just business. They need to think about how their processes impact the planet we all share. EBP makes this easy to do.

How EBP Encourages Environmental Stewardship

EBP can help customers achieve their green initiatives by customizing a plan to modernize printers, efficiently print, improve workflow and manage workplace sustainability.  This plan can help you minimize waste and manage your carbon footprint in a variety of ways:

Energy-Efficient, Eco-Friendly Technology

We offer Multifunction Copiers and other devices that qualify for programs like EPEAT and Energy Star, which assess electronic products in terms of:

  • Energy efficiency (Eco mode)
  • Manufacturing materials used
  • Options for running the equipment environmentally friendly (auto duplexing, b&w mode)
  • Equipment lifetime
  • Options for reusing and recycling equipment
  • End-of-life management

@Remote Green Report Service

Lanier's "@Remote Green Report Service" provides centralized monitoring of MFP and laser printer activities. This reporting service helps you keep track of monthly power consumption, paper consumption, and utilization of the energy-saving mode and the paper-saving functions.

Toner Cartridge Recycling

EBP partners with companies that are fully committed to environmentally responsible products and practices.

For example, Ricoh has developed an effective, convenient program for recycling toner cartridges. Their recycling center generates zero waste and recovers at least 95% of a cartridge’s weight and material. They don’t just keep plastic out of landfills—they save the energy and material needed to make new cartridges too.

To recycle your genuine Ricoh or Lanier toner containers using their own carton boxes, click here.

To recycle all brands of empty printer cartridges including original HP, Canon, Brother, and Lexmark, as well as used cartridges from other manufacturers. click here

Fleet Management

EBP’s Fleet Management services fine-tune your printing processes, which includes reducing their environmental impact. We can help you lower your TCO and your energy bill.

Document Management

In addition to our hardware and related services, we offer a selection of solutions to help you do more with your documents. You’ll be able to access and share information electronically, reducing your need to print both in the office and out.

Pure Water Systems

EBP doesn’t just improve how you deal with documents. With our advanced pure water systems, you can keep the people in your office healthy and get rid of plastic bottles.

More About EBP

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