What is Document Management?


Document management is the system of organizing hard copy files into chronological files, scanning them into digital copies, and creating easy to find digital storage copies of old materials. Then, the system also includes creating a process to ensure all office workflows remain digital, and all materials are converted from hard copy to digital in the same manner. Essentially, document management is the organized system of a digital office.

Does Your Business Need Document Management?


Have you ever tried to search quickly through your hard copy files for a document you need? Or had a collaboration where you are emailing, and they are writing things down a hard copy, and your workflows are different? Or when you are continually going back and forth between paper and digital documents instead of having all your files digitized?

HR Management with DocuWare


Hiring is a complicated process, especially in today’s work world, where there are either tons of applicants, and it’s hard to tell who is actually qualified, or there aren’t many applicants. You have to weed out the qualifications to see who might be a good fit. What a balance!

In addition to these common problems, it can be challenging to follow the process – with issues like disorganized data, multiple people managing different aspects of the application, version control, and security issues, HR management, and hiring can be incredibly difficult.

3 Reasons Why Document Management is Essential in Health Care


Healthcare facilities are often drowning in paperwork and are getting behind in operations processes, employee workflows, and patient communications. While compliance can be a challenge, it’s possible that operating in a hard copy workplace is actually significantly less secure than an organized, secure digital environment.

What is DocuWare?


DocuWare is a document management system that creates an opportunity to improve your document management systems while centralizing document storage. This can help improve workflows, build your digital environment, and enhance your communications with customers and employees.

DocuWare is cloud-based for digital automation that allows web client and mobile app access for users to connect from any location. In short – DocuWare is electronic document management that allows for more security, more remote options, and more communication and collaboration solutions than ever before.

Back in the office? Here's how to properly restart your MFP

As businesses begin to return to the workplace, we realize that many Ricoh MFPs and printers have been sitting idle for an extended period of time. To ensure that your devices operate to their full potential, we ask that you initiate the following device start-up procedure. It will only take a few minutes and will help to sure proper device operation and image quality.

View the video how-to here, or follow along below. 

If you need assistance, we're here and happy to help!  

Reopening? Join us tomorrow for a live webinar: The New Hybrid Workplace

Reopening? Don't miss our live webinar tomorrow: The New Hybrid Workplace

With seven of NY state's 10 regions entering Phase 2 of reopening, we're able to truly see how the COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly changed the business landscape. Many companies are scrambling to figure out how and when to reopen, or if they should reopen at all. The businesses that do reopen will not be able to have their full workforce back in the office at once, which has created a unique new dynamic: the hybrid workplace.

The Printable Signs Your Business Will Need to Reopen are Here


As you prepare to reopen the doors to your business, you'll need to remain compliant with new regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your facility. In New York state that means all businesses, including essential businesses, must develop a COVID-19 Reopening Safety Plan under Gov.


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