EBP helps Ithaca College ramp up PPE production

EBP's Paul Liguori volunteers in PPE assembly at Ithaca College

They say necessity is the mother of invention and that certainly was the case this month at Ithaca College, where our friends in the Center for Print Production found themselves in the unique position of being able to produce PPE using the college’s print equipment and materials. Jeff Golden, director of general services at the college, reached out to EBP for help in ramping up production, and what happened next is a story of true partnership on many levels.

Why Your Law Firms Need Secure Printing


During the course of their daily workflow, law firms handle a large quantity of sensitive information. This confidential information includes materials related to past and ongoing cases and client data. This information needs to be available when needed but protected from those who do not have legitimate access. From time to time, documents will need to be printed. This raises the security issue of sending the document to a common printer and risk someone else unintentionally picking the documents up.

Selecting the Right Production Print Equipment


Printing can take up a massive amount of your office budget, so investing in the right kind of print – in-house or outsourced, with the right equipment – is essential to cost management and budget oversight of your print fleet.

When you are bringing production print back into your business, there are several considerations to make about the equipment selection, vendor, and technical options. The main issue is savings, which you’ll also discuss with your expert vendor.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

We at EBP realize that our technology solutions are instrumental to the daily workflow of research, health care, food distribution and government agencies currently on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we remain operational in support of these essential organizations. We will continue to provide service, products and support in a manner that complies with current NYS guidance and directives to protect our customers, our employees and our community.


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