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Helping Attorneys Handle ESI Better

If you work in the legal profession, you know just how much information can pile up. At EBP, we know this too—that’s why we offer a selection of superior eDiscovery solutions. We give attorneys and other legal professionals access to tools that help them process, save, retrieve and distribute their electronically stored information (ESI) easier.

Benefits of EBP’s eDiscovery Solutions

EBP’s available solutions for eDiscovery include:

Data Collection & Forensics

With our solution for Data Collection and Forensics, you can take advantage of decades of services and technology tailored specifically for legal clients. We can give you:

  • The ability to track and handle litigation evidence properly
  • Access to a team of experts, which includes licensed private investigators and a fully accredited private computer forensics lab
  • The opportunity to develop customized solutions for data collection
  • Options for recovering deleted files, analyzing the theft of intellectual property and more

eDiscovery On Demand

EBP can give you the power to access your case files and other information anywhere and anytime. Our cloud-based, on-demand solution lets you:

  • Build customizable templates and workflows
  • Transmit data quickly while maintaining the strictest level of confidentiality
  • Save time locating important ESI thanks to a user-friendly client portal
  • Get updates on your uploaded files

Managed Review Services

EBP can help you get set up with managed review services for your evidence. You’ll be able to expedite processes and meet deadlines and compliance easier.

EDiscovery Solutions

Learn more about EBP's EDiscovery solutions.

  • Ricoh @Remote - RICOH @Remote is a new remote service for managing printers connected to your network. Devices on the network can be monitored in real time, required services can be delivered rapidly, and breakdowns prevented and downtime shortened. 

  • Print Audit IDM - Print Audit Infinite Device Management is a software tool designed to accurately and securely monitor and optimize your printers, copiers and MFPs.

  • Ricoh Device Manager - Device Manager is a multifunction device and printer management utility designed with advanced productivity in mind. It provides a great deal of print fleet information, including device status information for a mixed fleet.

More Document Solutions

EBP’s other document solutions can make clients in a variety of industries more productive:

To discuss how our eDiscovery solutions can benefit your practice,