Wide Format Prints Blowing Your Budget and Timeline?

EBP Wide format solutions

As the local headquarters of a global chemical manufacturer, our client was relying daily on FedEx to ship wide-format prints created and printed in-house to their many international facilities. Mike B. came to EBP looking to reduce the exorbitant overnight shipping cost that his company was incurring, while still retaining the integrity —and security—of their prints.  

Here's how EBP delivered a solution that erased shipping costs and doubled productivity. 

“The first step was to evaluate the current workflow and output of Mike’s team, which included both full-color and black-and-white documents at sizes ranging from ANSI B to ARCH E," explained Chris Liguori, EBP's Digital Solutions Manager. "That allowed us to identify a solution that would meet and exceed these parameters in order to maintain the integrity of their prints—before we tackled the issue of shipping costs,"   

Once the team’s output was established, creating an efficient digital workflow was the next challenge. Rather than adding a separate color scanner and/or printer, EBP placed an all-in-one device that checked all the boxes: color copying, printing,  scanning, archiving and distribution of virtually any large-format technical document – from design plans and schematics to renderings, estimating prints, engineering change orders and more.

With the Ricoh MP CW2201SP and a new workflow in place, Mike’s team can now print and scan full-color wide-format technical documents over the network to email addresses, file folders, FTP server destinations, even thumb drives, thus eliminating overnight shipping costs. All recipients receive the information instantly, and in full color, speeding communications throughout the enterprise, while maintaining original digital image quality. 

But what about security? 

Security of wide format documents, such as new product plans, building blueprints and satellite imagery is always a concern and our client was no exception.

The CW2201SP uses a full suite of device and data security features to protect Mike’s team’s valuable assets. 

  • Authentication requires that users log in before being granted access to system functions. 

  • User Lockout prevents a user from making multiple log-in attempts. 

  • Standard HDD Encryption encodes documents stored on the hard drive, safeguarding their files even if the hard drive is removed. 

  • A Data Overwrite Security System (DOSS) automatically overwrites the area of the hard drive used for image processing

  • PDF Encryption protects their documents from being intercepted and altered. 

A win-win

Consolidating wide format functions into this single multifunction platform allowed Mike to eliminate his team's overnight shipping costs, while boosting productivity amongst collaborative workgroups by streamlining project workflows, safely and securely. Interested in doing the same? Let us know by filling out the form on this page, or by contacting Chris Liguori: cliguori@ebp-inc.com or (800) 333-0737, ext. 326.

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