What Do Good Managed Print Providers Look Like?

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There are tons of managed print services providers out there. How can you tell the good ones from the bad--and why does it matter? Today we'll answer these questions and more, helping you find a provider who will be the perfect match for your business.

Spotting a Good Managed Print Provider

When it comes to managed print services, the solutions are only as good as the provider. From fleet management all the way to print security, providers need to be engaged, reliable, communicative, and transparent. Here are a few ways to spot a good provider:

  • #1: They offer a free print audit.

Print audits help you and your potential provider understand your business. A print audit will analyze things like usage data and print habits to make your needs, challenges, and goals more transparent.

Tip: Free print audits are a good sign! That means the provider wants to get to know you in order to offer the best possible managed print services.

  • #2: They have happy customers.

If a provider can offer long lists of happy customers, you know you're in the right place. This proves that they're reliable, efficient, and proud of their work.

Tip: You may need to ask for references if they're not listed on a provider's website. Don't be afraid to take this step; it will tell you a lot about the potential provider.

  • #3: They're experts in all the right places.

A good provider will have answers to any and all questions--and if they don't, they'll find the answers. If a provider seems uncertain about facts, solutions, or the services they offer, that's a red flag.

Tip: To determine a provider's expertise, ask targeted questions about important topics--for example, "How do you handle print security?" or "What type of cloud services do you offer?"

Why it Matters

Knowing how to spot a good managed print services provider vs. a bad one is essential. This can mean the difference between an excellent experience, complete with long-lasting benefits and great customer service, and a bad experience, leaving your print environment jumbled and frustrating. Managed print services and solutions are only as good as their providers--so it's worth your time to do a little homework.

In conclusion, well managed print providers will be transparent and eager to work with you, while bad providers will be cagey and disinterested. Remember, the quality of a print provider directly influences the quality of your solutions--so be comfortable and confident in demanding what your company deserves.

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