Production Print Can Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


One of the common goals of businesses today is to create a greener company that has a smaller carbon footprint. When your company has less waste, it uses fewer resources and requires fewer materials to be delivered. With production print available in the office, your company can take another step along the sustainable journey.

Transportation and the Environment

One of the most significant ways that we add to our carbon footprint is travel. The use of vehicles to get ordinary tasks done is often necessary, but increasingly, those tasks can be done in the office. When you can do a production print run at the office, there is no need to travel every time you need a large volume of printed materials. This reduces the company's carbon footprint as a whole as well as saving your workers time and effort.

Fewer Materials

When you can run production print from the office, it's easier to run smaller batches as they are needed. When outsourcing this task, it's common to order more than is required because of the time and trouble of going to the print shop. Smaller batches printed in the office mean less waste and a more customized print run that saves on wasted paper and ink.

Energy Consumption

Any company that wants to shrink its carbon footprint should analyze the way it handles energy consumption. Having production print in the office, especially when the machine is a relatively new one, cuts down on energy consumption in several ways. It cuts down on the driving that needs to be done, as well as the power needed to run the production print machine. And newer models are more energy-efficient than older ones. A new machine will also generate less heat than an old printer, and this means less energy is needed to cool the office to a comfortable temperature.

If your office could use an in-house production print machine, contact us today to get started.