How to Choose a Production Printer for Your Company


The office production printer can do so much for a business, and it's important to keep it available to your employees at all times. However, when you choose a production printer that isn't quite right for your office, it can be highly frustrating. To get a production print fleet that is just what your employees need to do their jobs effectively, it's important to take the time to choose just the right model. 

Printing Material Types

Before choosing which printer is needed, it's important to know just what will be printed with it. What you will print determines the size of the printer you need as well as some of the features that it will have to have. If you expect to print a lot of full-color marketing materials, for example, a printer that can handle color printing and still keep up its speed is helpful to have. If you will be printing thick pages, you may need another model of printer. Also, consider how sharp you need photos and other images to be. The printer you choose will have to be able to perform to those specifications.

Speed and Volume

Often, it's the printing speed that is important to a company. This speed often has to do with the volume of the print run and the complexity of what is being printed. If speed is important to your employees, and you expect to print large runs that include color, expect to pay more for a copier that will handle those needs well. If you don't print large runs and rarely need to print color, you can generally choose a less-costly model that will perform well given the lesser demands you will put on the printer.

Find Out About Various Production Printer Models

If you visit only a seller that is tied to one manufacturer, you can't expect to see models from any other manufacturer. However, dealers that sell many different makes and models will be able to better assess which printers will most closely meet the needs of your business. Instead of going with one that kind-of fits but is unnecessarily expensive or one that won't keep up with your printing but is cheap, you can choose from the whole gamut of models that have various strengths to offer. 

When you're ready to choose the best production print fleet for your business, contact us to find out what is available on the market to meet your needs.