Fixing Common Printer Problems

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When a printer has a small problem that is keeping it from running well, it may be a quick fix that you can do in-house. When one of these small problems arises, here's what you can do to help your printer get back to its former speed and accuracy.

Printer Slow Down

If your machine is experiencing a noticeable slowing down in its printing speed, it's important to get its speed back to prevent long waits in the office. The problem may be that you are printing documents at too high of a resolution, slowing the machine down. If someone has put it on this setting, it was likely left on, and this will slow down everyone's printing speed. to remedy this problem, go into the settings area and change it to a lower resolution. This may be called standard, draft or something similar. And if you don't need color printouts, try changing the setting to black and white instead of color. This will also speed up the printing speed.

Printer Traffic Jam

Even with the best of printers, a paper jam will still happen from time to time. If the printer stops working completely, this is a likely cause of that stoppage. Check on the control panel to see if it lists the location of the paper jam. If it does, go to that area of the printer and take out the paper that has jammed the machine. If it doesn't tell you the location, simply check by hand, going into all of the areas of the machine that are accessible. A paper jam is easily solved once you take out the offending paper. If paper jams are happening too often, check to see which weight of paper is recommended for your printer. You may be using the wrong weight.

Terrible Printed Documents

If you look at what was printed and see that the results are simply terrible, it may be another indication that the paper you are using is the wrong weight. It may also be that your ink cartridge is running low or even that it is leaking. Check the insides of the printer to see the cartridge and the paper being used. It's also helpful to check the print driver to see whether it is a current one. All of these factors go into the quality of your printed documents.

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