Evaluating In-House vs Outsourced Production Printing

production print

Production printing is a big job for any office. Many companies will outsource these tasks to a third-party print shop to make sure that it's done well and is handled on time. However, other companies have chosen to move their production printing in in-house machines for the many benefits this brings them. Here's how to decide which option is best for your business.

Frequency of Use

How often does your company need to engage in production printing? For some, it's something that happens quite rarely, and the company doesn't see the need in investing in its own production printing equipment. However, for those who use this method often and count of regular production printing, the money spent on paying a third-party for this printing is being thrown away. The best option for saving money for these businesses is to buy their own production printing equipment and to then print in-house. While this is a significant expense up front, all of those times when a print shop would have been paid are made unnecessary, saving the company money for years to come.

Time and Productivity

For some businesses, outsourcing their production printing happens so seldom that they can spare employees to go to the print shop and take care of the details. However, when production printing is happening regularly, far too many man-hours will be used by employees who have to visit the print ship with originals, conduct quality checks and pick up and deliver the finished products. Having the equipment in-house erases the need for all of those lost hours. It keeps productivity higher by saving all of that time.

Staying in Control

When you outsource your production printing, you give up some of the control over the finished product. Even if you do regular quality checks, mistakes can happen. In addition, as facts change, the information being printed also has to change. When you have the equipment to do this in-house, you can change the content as often as you like. You can see a printed piece and decide to change the colors and formatting. You can update the information as it changes. You will be in complete control of the finished product. This also gives you better security for the data, as no one outside the company will see these documents as they are being printed.

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