DocuWare for Manufacturing Organizations

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DocuWare can fit into just about any business and industry--but what does it look like in manufacturing? Let's take a look at this solution in action to find out exactly what it can do for manufacturing experts everywhere.

DocuWare Solutions

Not every solution can adapt to workflows of different shapes and sizes--but DocuWare is different. Because it's built around every individual company's needs, it can adapt to just about everything--including the unique demands of the manufacturing industry.

To see DocuWare in action, let's take a look at some manufacturing problems and the way this solution addresses them.

Problem: Paper records aren't very mobile.

Manufacturing organizations need data to move as fast as they do. When that data is trapped on a physical file, it can only move as fast as a piece of paper.

Solution: DocuWare makes it possible to simply and quickly capture data, save it in various file formats, and move it across the entire organization at the tap of a button. Digitized documents keep experts like engineers of floor managers connected and informed even on the move.

Problem: Confidential documents are difficult to protect.

The manufacturing world has a lot of moving parts--literally and figuratively. Sometimes, all of that activity can make it difficult to keep track of who should be viewing which documents and why.

Solution: With DocuWare, digitized files can be protected with access control. This requires users to enter a password unique to them; if they've been granted access, the file can be viewed--but if not, they won't be able to see confidential data.

Problem: Different teams have different needs.

No two teams have the same needs when it comes to manufacturing. This can cause a lot of work for digital solutions--and even more for the IT department.

Solution: DocuWare comes with multiple options for settings and personalization, meaning that every team in a manufacturing organization could use DocuWare differently. Each team still has their needs met, but the IT department doesn't get overwhelmed with extra work and troubleshooting.


DocuWare may be at home in just about every industry, but perhaps its most impressive achievement is adapting to the ever-changing world of manufacturing, where timelines are tight, and everything is in constant motion. No matter what a manufacturing organization needs, DocuWare delivers.

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