Considerations for Production Print


The use of production printers at the office is an invaluable way to print your own materials without having to spend the time and money on a third-party printer. However, production print is a big job. It is best handled by the best machines possible for the job at hand.

Choosing Your Sizes

One of the most important things to decide on before you get your production printer is which sizes you will be printing. There is a high degree of variation between these sizes, and you should avoid getting a printer that simply won't print in the sizes you need. Create a plan for your production print runs ahead of time and choose the sizes that work well for those materials. Measure the paper you will use if it is an unusual shape or size to make sure your new printer can work with it. 

Think About Printer Brands

When you are considering a printer for production print, not all of them are created equal. Some brands focus on certain features more than others. Some are well-known for their experience with production printing. Others are best known for their speed or durability. There are several great brands that have production printers to choose from, so narrowing those brands down can be helpful. Which printers have you used that you were happy with? If you aren't sure, take a look at the printer you have been using and see the brand and model of it. This can help you to include that brand, or exclude it, when you're ready for the new printer.

The Cost of Your Printer

You may know exactly what you want your production printer to do for your company, but you may not quite have the budget for it. There are many price points available in good production print machines, and your budget will be a major factor in which types you can buy. You shouldn't have to do without any of the most important aspects, such as the size you need and the general print quality, but there may be other features that you have to do without. Often, this comes down to the speed of the printer. The faster a printer is, the more it generally will cost.

If you are ready to outfit your office with a production printer, contact us today to find out about the current models on the market and what they can do for your business.