A Closer Look at Ricoh Wide Format Printers


Ricoh's impressive lineup of wide format printers is about to become your company's new best friend. Read on to find out how much difference one machine can make!

The Wonder of Wide Format

Wide-format printers aren't your average desktop device. They are the workhorses of the modern office, and they do a whole lot more than create invoices.

Let's take a closer look:

What are they?

Wide-format printers are machines that print in larger sizes and on different materials than their more traditional cousins the office printers.

What can they create?

With a Ricoh wide format printer, you can create just about anything--including vehicle wraps, banners, brochures, posters, and more. Perhaps most importantly, they can create printable signs that will help your business bounce back after the pandemic!

What materials do they use?

The beauty of a wide format printer is that its only limit is your imagination. These machines can print on multiple types of vinyl, canvas, backlit display film--and, of course, paper.

What are the benefits?

Some companies wonder if on-site wide format printing is worth the price tag. The truth, though, is that big jobs are becoming a big part of the modern workplace--and if you don't want that to translate into big costs, it's wise to have a wide format printer within arm's reach. Additionally, they put all the creative control squarely in your hands, meaning that you'll be in charge of every little detail.

Where can I get one?

If it's power, reliability, unrivaled color consistency, and a whole lot of creativity you're after, you couldn't do much better than one of our Ricoh wide format printers.

Ready to get your hands on the printer of your dreams? Want to learn more about Ricoh wide format printers? Contact us today!