Checking Your Printers to Ensure Print Security

printer in use

The printers in your office are responsible for a lot. Not only do they have to print everything as required, they should also be working to keep your data private. Here's how you can check on the print security of your office printers.


Does your printer encrypt the data that is being printed? If not, that data stream could be accessed by outside parties and the information in it stolen. This is a common way for hackers to breach data from a business and steal valuable information. To combat this weakness, be sure that your printer encrypts its data streams to keep outside parties at bay. Later model printers are more likely to have this feature than older ones.

Managed Print Services

If you have managed print for your office printers, it's far easier to monitor what the printer is doing and what kind of security it has. You can easily see how often the printer is used, what kind of security it has and how many pages it has printed. If you suspect that too many documents are being printed in your office, you can easily see if that's true. You can also give everyone a printing code to use when they print, so you can quickly see who has printed what. This can discourage employees from printing out things they shouldn't have access to or shouldn't take away from the property.

Using Access Controls

If you worry about employees accessing files that they shouldn't, set access controls so that not everyone has access to every document. Is anyone able to get ahold of any file and send it to the printer? Check your printer specifications and settings to find out whether this access has been left open. In most cases, leaving all documents open to everyone will go against privacy compliance standards.

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