A Buying Guide for Multifunction Printers

multifunction printer in use

Using a multifunction printer in any office is always needed for various tasks. Whether you need pages printed, to make quick copies or to collate papers, these office machines can do it all and more. Sometimes, the only problem the office has with them is how to pick just the right one.

Functions of Multifunction Printers

Before choosing the best model for your office, think about which functions you want and need in a printer. When your employees go to use office machines, which features do they actually use? Do they make a lot of copies, or do they only use it for printing documents? Does anyone in your office ever need to send a fax? How quickly do you need large print runs? Do you have clerical workers doing tasks that a new multifunction printer could do to save time and money? Making a list of the features that would help your employees will steer you toward the best models on the market for your business.

The Quality of the Prints

What does your business use the printouts for? If they are just guidelines for tasks around the office or reminders and memos, you may be able to get by fine with a lower-end multifunction printer that doesn't print extremely high-quality printouts. These will mean far less money being spent on the machine, but it will still have the capability for what your office generally needs. If you often need sharp, professional-looking printouts to be put in front of customers, a higher-end printer is what you need to choose for the best results.

Printing Speed

Large print runs obviously take longer than shorter runs, but how often will you need the larger ones? Do you have tight deadlines that make fast printing a better choice? The memory space of the multifunction printer you choose should have large enough memory to be able to print rapidly? The memory size should be carefully considered so that you don't end up with slow print times when you have an office that runs on frequent, short deadlines.

If you're ready to see some of the best multifunction printers on the market to choose the best one for your business, contact us today to get started.