Benefits of Cloud Printing

cloud print

The use of cloud printing has a number of benefits for every company. When the cloud is used for storage and other business functions, it can be used for printing those documents when employees need to.

Printing From Devices

These days, every employee has multiple devices that they use to do their work. When they can print from these devices, the process of printing and having that function be a convenient one gets much easier. Some employees use their smartphones to get work done when they are not in the office. Others have a tablet that allows them to work from flexible locations. Using a laptop in or out of the office is also a common way to do business, as is using the office desktop. When you have cloud printing, you are able to print from all of those devices no matter where you are.

Work Time Flexibility

Today, it isn't only the location of work that is flexible. It's also the time that work gets done. With cloud printing, employees can print as they need to, even if the office is closed for the day. This allows for more work to get done and a higher level of productivity. With cloud printing, employees can print documents that they need on the weekend, during holiday breaks and any other time they want to get caught up on some work from the office.

Higher Security

Being able to work anywhere and at any time is great for productivity and efficiency, but it can sometimes mean that there are security issues with the data being handled. However, keeping the documents in the cloud and using cloud printing is a great way to keep more security around the data in the documents being printed. This type of encryption can keep the data stream safe as it is relayed to the printer. This means a better degree of compliance with security requirements. It also means that the client data in those documents is made much harder for data thieves to get ahold of, keeping clients happier and less prone to any data breaches.

If you're ready for cloud printing to be available to your employees, contact us today to get it started for your company.