Be Alert for Toner Pirates

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The need for toner in the office is a pressing need that requires time and capital to keep it fulfilled. However, there are some who offer to help with the issue of supplying enough toner in ways that won't help your business at all. When that happens, more than just money is lost. The time of many of your employees is lost when this happens, and productivity can take a dive.

Price Piracy

A common problem when it comes to toner sales is a question of price. There are unscrupulous pirates who will offer to sell your company toner, and then they won't specify a price. Later, you get a bill for an exorbitant amount along with your order of toner. The bill you receive can be upward of a thousand dollars, and these companies can demand payment since the toner was delivered. This can create a lengthy problem for your company, and some of these "vendors" count on some companies simply paying the invoice to avoid a lengthy legal problem. Avoid shifty vendors who work without a contract and/or won't give you a price upon request.

Quality Problems

Another common scam is to tell companies that they are providing high-quality toner and then delivering a barely usable, second-rate product. Of course, that quality is not reflected in the price. They will still charge outrageous amounts for this toner and insist that the quality of it is good. Problems with the copier or printer can then happen, with sloppy documents that the company can't use for customers. For production print runs, this can be a disaster.

Who Are They?

Some of these toner frauds try to make their company sound official when it is anything but. They may say that you have just a short time to order or that immediate orders come with something for free. However, asking for the address of the company may be met with no straight answer. The company name may sound official, but it is often made up. Often, the fake company is named after a real manufacturer or supplier in order to sound legitimate. When they do give an address, it may be a fake one that is out of state and difficult to check on.

When you want real toner from a real, local company, contact us for legitimate deals on high-quality toner.