3 Tips for Going Paperless with DocuWare

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Whether going paperless has been your company's goal for five minutes or five years, one thing's for certain: this task is easier said than done. However, with tools like DocuWare, going paperless is not only possible--it's simple and stress-free. Here are three tips to help get you started!

The Secret to a Paperless Office

Many companies hesitate to make the switch to paperless workflows because they worry about things like security, efficiency, and the work required to get started. Luckily, DocuWare makes those worries a thing of the past--which is why it's truly the secret to a paperless office.

DocuWare software gives you a simple, effective way to manage documents at every stage of the life-cycle. With this solid foundation, it's easier, more efficient, and more secure to digitize, organize, and share your files--and it's cost-effective, too.

If you want to create a paperless office, your first step should always be DocuWare.

Three Tips

Once you've got DocuWare in your company's toolbox, here are three tips for using it to go paperless!

  • #1: Think about end users.

Your first priority should be your users. What do they need? What makes the most sense for their trickiest tasks and responsibilities? How can paperless workflows be structured to help the most people in the most ways?

  • #2: Balance the old with the new.

Although it's tempting to start fresh with a paperless workflow, it's important to avoid getting overwhelmed. Try balancing familiar, comfortable approaches with new, unique ones--that way, your workflows don't feel completely foreign.

  • #3: Be open to change.

As you proceed with the paperless journey, you may find yourself questioning tools and solutions that made a lot of sense earlier. Don't worry--that's a natural part of the process. Be open to learning new things, changing old patterns, and adapting to all the joys of a paperless workplace.

In conclusion, DocuWare may be the secret to a paperless office, but even this solution can't do it all alone. You'll need to help out by implementing a few simple tips to help stay flexible, open-minded, and creative in your approach.

Ready to go paperless? Want a little help from DocuWare? Contact us today!