DocuWare has a lot of impressive features--so many, in fact, that listing them all would probably take all day. Instead, we're breaking down three of the biggest and best--so sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the great things DocuWare has to offer!

DocuWare Basics

DocuWare is more than document management--it's a digital workflow solution.

Intuitive, efficient, flexible, and downright impressive, DocuWare is a tool designed to help you utilize your documents in better, more effective ways. Here are a few things DocuWare can help you do:

  • Go paperless: Paper is expensive to print, store, and protect. DocuWare gives you the digital solutions you need to go paperless in your office, saving money and the environment at the same time.

  • Improve security: DocuWare has a host of built-in security features and options that help you defend sensitive data without adding extra steps to your workflows.

  • Streamline workflows: Speaking of workflows, DocuWare helps you optimize those, too. By cutting out extra steps and frustrating, manual tasks, this solution helps your people do their best work every day.

In short, DocuWare is the best way to create the workplaces of the future.

3 Key DocuWare Features

Now you know what DocuWare is--let's find out what it can do!

#1: DocuWare integrates with 500 applications.

Like most companies, you probably have plenty of existing software you're not ready to part with. Not to worry--if it's one of the 500 applications DocuWare can integrate with (and chances are, it is), you're all set. From email systems to HR software, this solution knows how to play nice with other tools.

#2: DocuWare makes data capture a breeze.

DocuWare doesn't just integrate with other systems--it helps make them better. For example, this solution can automatically capture data from a variety of sources and use it to fill out invoices or other documents, simplifying your workflows and eliminating the risk of human error.

#3: DocuWare acts like a second brain.

Couldn't we all use a little help from a second brain now and again? DocuWare does just that, automatically making connections between similar documents and allowing you to access related content with just one click. It does some of the thinking for you, letting you focus your energy on more important tasks.

In conclusion, DocuWare is an innovative document management and workflow solution with a long list of benefits. It's all possible thanks to features like data capture and automatic content connections, creating a framework for the workplaces of the future.

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