Workflow Solutions: Going Green in the Healthcare Industry

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The priority of the healthcare industry is to keep people healthy and happy. However, just like other companies, healthcare businesses also have a responsibility to minimize their environmental impact and go green whenever possible. Believe it or not, some simple workflow solutions can help make this a fast, effective process without once sacrificing efficiency.

Better Printing

When it comes to going green, one area always falls under the microscope: business printing. This is especially true of the healthcare industry, where printing is a huge part of every day and patients need to have their files copied, faxed, and efficiently communicated. Luckily, by implementing mobile and cloud solutions, better printing habits, and other workflow changes, it's possible to take care of people and the environment in the healthcare industry.

Let's take a look at some workflow solutions that can really benefit Mother Earth!

#1: Set green goals.

Healthcare teams always need to work together in order to achieve environmental friendliness. The easiest way to do this is to set clear, actionable goals for workplace improvements--like printing fewer documents, using mobile solutions more effectively, or recycling whenever possible.

#2: Go digital.

With solutions like scanning and cloud services, it's easier than ever to take an entire healthcare company into the digital world. Files stored online are safer, cheaper, and more efficient--and, naturally, they require less paper and ink than their printed counterparts.

#3: Review printing habits.

Identifying bad printing habits is a great way to go green and catch potential security risks before they become an issue. For example, do employees print when they should email a digital copy instead? Are files often lost so that they need to be reprinted? These habits can be changed easily, but they make a big difference.

Going green in the healthcare industry can be easy and efficient. To find workflow solutions and tips that work for you, contact us today!