The What & Why of Printer Fleet Management

Printer fleet management is an important element of managed print services--and it's all in the name. This solution does exactly what it promises while giving you vital data and some truly beneficial solutions to your biggest print pains. Here's what you need to know!

Printer Fleet Management: The What

Printer fleet management is just one element of a complete managed print services approach. It's like one instrument in an orchestra: It sounds nice on its own, but it is much more powerful when combined with complementary instruments.

In its most simple form, printer fleet management is a way to keep your machines in check. It gives you the information necessary to understand what each printer is doing and why--for example:

  • print volumes,
  • print speeds,
  • user habits,
  • connectivity patterns,
  • and more.

Once gathered, this data will help you reorganize, restructure, and reimagine your fleet to your heart's content.

Printer Fleet Management: The Why

Why is printer fleet management such a big deal? The answer is simple: Your printers themselves are a big deal.

When you utilize printer fleet management, you can do all kinds of things you never thought possible:

  • identify and eliminate wasteful practices,
  • improve inefficient organizational structures,
  • replace outdated machines,
  • remove redundant machines,
  • budget for necessary upgrades,
  • use settings more effectively,
  • minimize downtime,
  • address security concerns,
  • and more.

Essentially, printer fleet management is a way to treat your print environment as the living, complicated thing it resembles. This solution allows you to put your fleet to work for you instead of the other way around.

In conclusion, printer fleet management is a vital part of managed print services, working in symphony with other print solutions to create a stronger, more streamlined environment. With printer fleet management, you'll never feel like the printers are in charge again!

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