What Do Ricoh Wide Format Printers Do?

the words Ricoh in red and the words imagine and change in black on silver sign in front of green trees and bushes

Marketing campaigns, internal communication, and brand consistency are big jobs. They take work, creativity, and all the right tools. The truth is that, sometimes, regular office printers just don't cut it.

That's where Ricoh wide format printers come in.

When we say these printers can do a little bit of everything, we're not exaggerating. Wide format printers boast a long list of functions and features, including:


  • Colors: No matter what color combination you're looking for, Ricoh wide format printers deliver--and with all the latest tech, those colors will pop like never before.

  • Materials: Paper, acrylic, vinyl, and more--you name it, and these wide format printers can print on it.

  • Options: Ricoh has a long list of models available, each offering different features and price points.


  • Speed: Think wide format printers have to be slow to get the job done, right? Think again. Ricoh's machines are built to print quickly without cutting any corners.

  • Volume: If you have a lot of wide format printing to do, you couldn't have a better machine in your arsenal. Ricoh wide format printers handle big jobs effectively and efficiently.


What can you do with a Ricoh wide format printer? The options are endless!

  • Marketing: Make your brand shine by creating banners, posters, and other unique marketing material.

  • Communication: Need to keep employees engaged and inspired while conveying important info? Wide format printers are the perfect tool for whipping up brochures and other communication documents.

  • Community involvement: Work with local artists or create eye-catching displays to place in community hubs. Wide format printers will make your company a staple of the local scene.


If it's a creative printing approach you're after, Ricoh wide format printers may be just what you need. Flexible, functional, and excellent at opening new doors for your business, these devices can do a bit of everything--all without breaking the bank.

Interested in adding Ricoh wide format printers to your fleet? Contact us today to get started!