What Can You Do with Ricoh Wide Format Printers?

Group photo including doctors, architects, teachers, construction workers, business men and women.

If you've been researching wide format printers, you've probably heard a lot about banners, signs, pamphlets, and posters. That's all well and good--but what else can these machines do? We'll put a Ricoh wide format printer to the test in a few different industries to find out.

Options, Options, Everywhere

When it comes to wide format printers, Ricoh's lineup stands out from the crowd--which is why these machines act as the perfect examples of what wide format printers are truly capable of. Let's see them in action by sending one hypothetical device to work in three different industries!


Our "guinea pig" printer--for the sake of simplicity, we'll call it Wide Format Wally--starts its industry-hopping adventure with architecture. Here, Wally can help architecture experts create stunning, detail-oriented prints to communicate ideas to clients. Color consistency, high resolution, and various sizing options make Wally a perfect choice for printing informational material with unparalleled precision.


Next, we'll send Wally to visit the construction industry. Construction experts need to print in large volumes to keep up with constantly changing plans, which means Wally is a perfect fit. Wide format printers are valued across all industries for their ability to create high-volume, high-speed prints without sacrificing quality.


Finally, Wally reaches an engineering project, where it will really be put to the test. Since engineers have needs that can vary day by day or even minute by minute, they need printers that can be flexible in terms of print size and material, connectivity, detail control, and finishing options. Luckily, this loyal Ricoh wide format printer is more than capable of keeping up with all of these needs and then some.

So, that's what you can do with Ricoh wide format printers, no matter what industry you're in. Want to learn more or get a "Wide Format Wally" of your own? Contact us today!