Selecting the Right Production Print Equipment


Printing can take up a massive amount of your office budget, so investing in the right kind of print – in-house or outsourced, with the right equipment – is essential to cost management and budget oversight of your print fleet.

When you are bringing production print back into your business, there are several considerations to make about the equipment selection, vendor, and technical options. The main issue is savings, which you’ll also discuss with your expert vendor.

Why In-House Production Print Makes Sense

Production print can be a major cost – when you outsource, you’re paying for printing but also for the print company’s supplies, employees, facility, operations, and equipment. When you in-source your printing, you are only adding the cost of your equipment.

How to Choose a Digital Press

Getting the right digital press for your company comes down to some critical questions:

  • How do you use production print?

  • What departments use printing the most?

  • Which features do they require?

  • How much do you currently spend on print?

  • How will the ROI be achieved?

Then, you can use this data to select your printer. Choosing your printer will first involve finding a reliable vendor that you can trust, and bringing the information gathered from employees to your vendor partner.

Then, you’ll want to make the following considerations:

  • How much can you spend upfront (considering long term savings)?

  • What technological features will you select?

  • How to implement your new in-house production print strategy?

Making Print Better Improves Business

The whole team at Electronic Business Products knows that improving print processes, costs, and workflows make your business run better. If you’re into this idea, let’s talk.