Reasons to Choose a Managed Print Services Program

printer in use

The use of managed print services is growing among companies that see how inefficient the use of their printer fleet can be without it being managed. With better printer fleet management, use of these machines becomes far more efficient, saving many man-hours as well as the cost of lost productivity.

Environmental Benefits

If you are striving for your office to be more environmentally friendly, having managed print services can help. With this management, the use of your printers is carefully monitored. It's easy to give everyone their own sign-in credentials with this system, so you can tell at a glance who is using the printers and how often they do so. Printer monitoring encourages employees to be certain that they need to use the printer before doing so, as they don't want to be seen as doing a lot of unnecessary printing. This allows for less paper and ink being used and creates less waste than if there was no monitoring of the machines.

Better Security

With printer fleet management, there are extra security precautions used. Having no security for your printers means that the stream of data being sent to them is vulnerable to being hacked and its data stolen. Just like the stream of data that you send from computer to computer, the data stream to your printer must be safeguarded from anyone who might want to steal it. This should be a part of your normal, everyday protection from data thieves, and it may save your company from a data breach.

Using Fewer Machines

Once you have printer fleet management, the monitoring will show you how each machine is being used. The data will let you see exactly how often each machine is being used and for which function. This allows you to see which machines get little to no use and which the office might do without. This can save money on office equipment by making it possible to end the lease of a few machines or sell them outright, in order to save space and time for employees. It will streamline basic office functions and get rid of clutter that isn't being adequately used.

When your office is ready for printer fleet management, contact us today to get started.