Organize Your Printer Fleet


We get it - getting ahead of printer fleet management may not already be the first thing on your to-do list for 2021. But maybe that's because you haven't quite understood how much it can benefit you, your business, and your budget to invest in managed print services and printer fleet management.

Here's a quick breakdown: printer fleet management is a key component of managed print services. Managed print services or MPS is your tool to get your print costs under control. From supply management to print budget oversight, print policy recommendations to print data, managed print services help you with all the expensive and time-consuming aspects of your print environment, including your printer fleet management.

Printer Fleet Management

What does printer fleet management look like? It's essentially taking inventory of the machines your office uses, how and when you use them, and how these workflows can be more efficient. Then, it's also understanding who uses the machines and what the average cost is of maintaining, supplying, and servicing each machine. This information then comes together in your print audit, or collection of print data, to comprehend exactly where you can be saving money on print in your business.

Big Picture: Managed Print Services

As mentioned, printer fleet management is one part of the big picture of getting your print environment under control with managed print services. Managed print services have lots of business benefits, but the main one is print environment cost control. By saving businesses up to 30% on print costs, managed print services will pay for itself.

Get it All

With Electronic Business Products, we can help organize and streamline your print environment while creating savings for you and your entire company. It's time to make some changes to print - contact us today.