Multifunction Printer Tips: Protecting Hard Drives

printer with security card

Are you confident about your print security? Hopefully, the answer is yes. The truth, though, is that everyone can learn tips and tricks for making print security even stronger, more reliable, and more efficient--so we're going to start with something simple but overlooked: your multifunction printer's hard drive.

Why Protect the Hard Drive?

Did you know that so many companies neglect to protect their multifunction devices that MFPs and network printers are the first target of many online criminals? The "digital bad guys" know that unprotected printers store a wealth of sensitive information--which means that it's more important than ever to protect all of that data.

Your multifunction printer saves a lot of info on its hard drive, including:

  • invoices,
  • financial information,
  • personal employee data,
  • trade secrets,
  • and sensitive company info.

That's why it's so important to protect your multifunction printer and the hard drive--because you don't want this kind of data falling into the wrong hands.

What You Can Do

So how can you protect hard drives? Here are a few tips that will boost print security and keep your data safer than ever!

  • Authentication

User authentication is a simple, painless, and effective way to manage who has access to your printers and who doesn't. Essentially, all you need to do is enter a PIN or scan an ID card, and you're ready to go.

  • Encryption

Encrypting all the data on your hard drives is a great "safety net." That way, even if someone does manage to gain access to your multifunction printer, they won't be able to use or steal any of your information.

  • Education

It's crucial to make sure everyone's on the same page when it comes to printer security. Remember to teach everyone to follow good online habits and utilize best practices when it comes to hard drives and printer usage.

With the right security, you'll never have to worry about your multifunction printers again. Contact us today to get started!