Managed Print Services: What is Printer Fleet Management?

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Managed print services is full of tools for your business--and one of those tools is printer fleet management. Today we'll find out what it is, how it works, and why it's such an essential step in strengthening your print environment.

Fleet Management Basics

Let's start at the beginning: what is printer fleet management?

Fleet management is part of managed print services, which means it is supported by a foundation of efficiency, organization, and excellent solutions. It is a simple approach to getting the most out of every machine in your fleet. This can include:

  • optimizing printer settings,
  • upgrading to more efficient devices,
  • changing the physical layout of your fleet,
  • changing how users interact with your machines,
  • and more.

The goal of fleet management is to create a stronger, more secure print environment by looking at each individual machine as well as the ways they work together.

Benefits of Fleet Management

Now that you know what printer fleet management is, let's find out why it's such a big deal.

It helps you get the most out of your printer investments.

Printers are an important investment. Fleet management helps you get the most out of that investment by making sure each device is performing at full capacity and that you're taking advantage of every single tool, feature, function, and benefit.

It makes costs clearer and easier to control.

Fleet management helps you understand your print environment costs--for example, ink, toner, energy, repairs, maintenance, and more. Once those costs are transparent, it's easier to know where and how to save money.

It improves security.

When you keep a close eye on each machine as well as your entire print environment, you minimize the risk of security breaches--especially since network printers are often a hacker's first target.

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