Is Document Management Right for Scientists?

In a Modern Laboratory Two Scientists Conduct Experiments. Chief Research Scientist Adjusts Specimen in a Petri Dish and Looks on it Into Microscope.

No matter what kind of science a scientist does, the chances are that they're more often associated with research and experimentation than filing and documentation. However, the truth is that even the most brilliant scientist can benefit from document management--and here's the proof.

Document Management in the Scientific Process

Document management is a solution most often pictured at desks or in big office spaces--but it's not limited to any one industry. Instead, document management is an adaptable tool that can make itself at home in companies of all kinds.

For example, document management is a perfect fit for scientists (biologists, environmental scientists, healthcare experts, you name it) because it helps in every step of the scientific process. Here's a closer look:

Making observations

Whether creating a baking soda volcano or studying the health of the human body, science always begins with questions and observations. Recording and organizing those observations is the perfect job for document management.

Forming hypotheses

Drafting a hypothesis takes time, effort, and, of course, version control. Document management helps experts of all kinds keep up with drafts of their work even as those drafts are being edited and updated.

Designing experiments

Document management may not seem like a good fit for a lab, but it's actually the perfect tool for designing experiments. With collaborative tools, digital workspaces, and instant access to files in the cloud, experimentation has never been easier.

Reporting results and conclusions

Once experiments are completed and conclusions have been reached, it's time to write up a report. With document management, it's simple and stress-free to collaborate with colleagues and securely share files for peer review.


Document management is perfect for scientists because it's right at home in the scientific process. However, those same qualities make it an excellent fit for industries of all kinds--so the current hypothesis is as follows: document management shouldn't be underestimated!

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