Cut Costs with Ricoh Wide Format Printers

Magnifying glass hovering over Ricoh wesbite

Printing materials over two feet wide on a regular basis - for advertising, events, or banners - means that you might be spending more than you need if you are outsourcing these print jobs. You can save on wide format printing with Ricoh wide format printers - your in-house, less-expensive solution to wide format printing with widths of 24" to 72" for any material or type of print.

See Savings with In-House Wide Format

Once you know that you need a wide format printer, you'll want to work with the right vendor partner, like Electronic Business Products. Then, you'll want to talk with your vendor about a few key considerations, including:

  • Cost and budget
  • Primary needs
  • Wide format priorities
  • Resolution and color requirements
  • Print speed and volume capability
  • Additional features needed

Just like getting your first multifunction printer, talking with your vendor partner about getting the right wide format printer for your business needs that will save you money is the most helpful first step.

Big Business Benefits

Then, you can get excited about the major business benefits of wide-format printing. It's worth it to see positives like:

  • Major savings on print projects
  • Increased advertising
  • Better visibility
  • Advanced print technology
  • Reduced print waste and back and forth with outside teams

Printing benefits for business add up once you look at bringing your wide-format jobs in-house.

Start Saving

With Electronic Business Products, you can start saving money on wide format printing and your entire print environment today. Working with the best team really matters if you want to cut costs on print. Talk to EBP today.