A Crash-Course in Printer Fleet Management

what you need to know

Are you considering printer fleet management but aren't sure what it entails? Have you heard of this solution but are still wondering if it's right for you? Don't worry--we're here to answer all of your questions in a quick, simple fleet management crash-course!

What You Need to Know

At first glance, printer fleet management might seem complicated--since, after all, there are so many variables and so many ways to approach a single fleet--but it's actually not. In truth, printer fleet management is just a different way to look at the print environment in your business. It helps you pay attention to details, like which machines are the most efficient or what kind of printing you do most often, and then utilizes those details to create opportunities for improvement. Essentially, you're putting your printers to work for you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about printer fleet management:

  • It offers a variety of solutions.

The best thing about fleet management is that it takes something complicated--your entire print environment--and simplifies it by breaking it into parts. Fleet management helps you review single-user habits, group patterns, and company-wide statistics so that you get a full view of what's going right and what isn't.

  • It cuts costs.

When you understand exactly how much your fleet is costing you in consumables, maintenance, repairs, and more, it's much easier to budget appropriately and even save money. Printer fleet management makes this easier than ever.

  • It improves security.

Printer fleet management prioritizes security at multiple levels, from individual machines to your entire network. You can always count on fleet management to help you identify and eliminate weaknesses in your security processes.

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