Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

We at EBP realize that our technology solutions are instrumental to the daily workflow of research, health care, food distribution and government agencies currently on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we remain operational in support of these essential organizations. We will continue to provide service, products and support in a manner that complies with current NYS guidance and directives to protect our customers, our employees and our community.

If you need supplies or equipment, we remain operational to fulfill all supply requests and to deliver and install any new equipment you may need. 

If you need on-site service, we have technicians available. They are following CDC recommendations for washing hands, protective contact, sanitization and have all been equipped with disposable gloves to maintain good health and a clean working environment.

If you’re working from home and need assistance with remote technology, our IT team is available to help keep your team connected, communicating and collaborating using platforms like GoToAssist and GoToMeeting.

If you’re due for new equipment and concerned about financing, we can help you take advantage of a program being offered with a 90-day deferred payment option on a new lease.

If you find that you need training on our equipment or software, our sales and training teams are equipped with remote meeting tools, making it possible to conduct training, client meetings and product and software demonstrations using virtual technology. 

If you have a need that isn’t being met by your current technology or situation, please let us know and we’ll try to accommodate that need - whether it be with a loaner machine or assistance with a print job or something entirely different. Just ask. 

Finally, if you just need a lift, check out the#518rainbowhunt!! If you’d like to participate, click here for a printable rainbow we made for you to hang in your own window.  

Today and every day, we truly are committed to doing everything we can to support your business. Please let us know how we can help:

Paul Liguori:

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Chris Liguori:

From all of us at EBP, we wish you and your families continued health and offer our prayers for the containment and eradication of the COVID-19 virus.