6 Ways to Ensure Security in Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Sometimes, knowing what to expect from cloud migration can be tricky. You know you’ll have reliable security from the cloud servers, but you also need to ensure that your side of technology is dialed in and ready to protect your business.

This is because the cloud environment is shared responsibility security, which means that the host and the client have specific security responsibilities. Your vendor partner will help outline this for you, and you may also want to ask for precise details about what security expectations are realistic.

What is Cloud Migration

Just a quick touch on the basics to get up to speed – if you are still unsure about the cloud, it’s time to investigate and get your business on board. Cloud computing saves time, money, space, and improves office operations and employee morale. Seriously!

Cloud migration means moving data and other digital business elements to cloud computing. Security is critical during this shift and is outlined below.

Security in the Cloud

Below are some key methods and considerations for securing your cloud migration process and server environment as well.

Endpoint migration – for running full operating systems in the cloud, endpoint migration is critical.

Limit administrative users – not everyone can have open access to the cloud. Limit users to improve accountability and responsibility.

Separate public and internal servers – create segmented cloud networks for ultimate security.

Use network penetration testing – stay ahead of vulnerabilities and security issues with professional penetration testing.

Evaluate data flow – knowing how your data moves between servers can help identify possible threats.

Monitor cloud environment – specifically manage your cloud environment with available software.

Keep Your Business Data Safe with EBP

Securing your business is essential to risk management strategy and business growth. It’s critical in today’s world of digital theft to stay ahead of the issues. Let Electronic Business Products set up what you need – reach out to the team today.