3 Steps to Protecting Your Multifunction Printers

security card scan multifunction printer

Your multifunction printers work hard day in and day out. They facilitate communication, improve customer service, and make you look professional in your community--so don't they deserve the best possible care? Today, we'll show you three simple steps you can take to protect your multifunction printers in a world where security is more important than ever.

Printer Security

Multifunction devices of all shapes and sizes have become a critical part of the business world, but because they do most of their work "in the background," they're easier to forget about than computers or mobile devices. That's why many companies accidentally leave printers out of their security plans. Unfortunately, this can be a costly mistake, since hackers and other digital criminals are specifically looking for connections and devices that have been overlooked--and their first target is often the printer. As a result, it's absolutely crucial to protect your multifunction printers--but the good news is that it's also easy to get started.

Step 1: Include your printers in your security plan.

Don't make a separate "printer security" plan; work those loyal multifunction printers into your existing security plan. This is your best bet when it comes to protection because your printers work with almost every other device in your office--it makes sense that they should all be secured together.

Step 2: Try user authentication techniques.

Whether you require a password, an ID number, or some other type of authentication, it's important to make sure only the right people have access to your multifunction printers. User authentication can be a lifesaver!

Step 3: Pay attention to the details.

Once you've implemented a few new security techniques, you might think it's time to sit back and relax--but unfortunately, that's not the case. You always need to be on top of monitoring the usage data on your multifunction printers so that you can be sure your security plan is strong and reliable.

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