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High Volume
Delivers significant performance enhancements over its predecessor.
Mid Volume
LDD245 (Lanier)
View Details Engineered to meet the diverse needs of educational, religious and non-profit organizations, the Lanier LDD245 offers high-speed output, good image quality, and exceptional ease of use.

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Lanier LDD 020 (Lanier)
View Details The Lanier LDD 020 is a 130 page-per-minute digital duplicator designed to help schools, faith-based institutions, non-profits and other organizations print more documents in less time, with lower total costs.

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Lanier LDD 030 (Lanier)
View Details The Lanier LDD 030 is a 120 page-per-minute digital duplicator that delivers cost-effective results for high-volume workloads. Its scans up to 400 dpi for outstanding reproductions, and it can print spot colors with near-offset quality.

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Lanier LDD 150 (Lanier)
View Details The LDD 150 is the ideal high-volume digital duplicator for universities, faith-based organizations and print-for-pay shops that need to keep costs under control. This affordable system delivers up to 120 pages per minute at 400 dpi.

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Lanier LDD180 (Lanier)
View Details The LDD180 combines advancements in paper feeding, master burning and ink laydown with a unique dual-cylinder design to deliver up to 120 pages per minute at 600 dpi - a superior combination of speed and image quality for digital duplication.

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Lanier LDD145 (Lanier)
View Details Choose the Lanier LDD145 digital duplicator for outstanding image quality, exceptional speed, and extremely low cost-per-page for high-volume jobs. It delivers 120 pages per minute with 400 dpi image quality.

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Priport DD 4450 (LANIER)
View Details Max monthly print volume of up to 170,000 pages

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