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Lanier LF310 (Lanier)
View Details The Lanier LF310 fax combines fast, business-class faxing with optional laser printing in a reliable design to create a productive document communications system for large workgroups and small departments.

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Lanier LF410 (Lanier)
View Details The Lanier LF410 is a versatile, high-powered multifunction system designed for traditional faxing in mid-volume workgroups. It features a 33. 6 kbps Super G3 modem and can be equipped with dual phone lines.

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Lanier LF415e (Lanier)
View Details The Lanier LF415e delivers everything you need to send faxes across conventional phone lines, LANs, WANs and the Internet. It comes standard with Super G3 faxing, Internet faxing, PC faxing and full-color scanning.

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Lanier 2000 (Lanier)
View Details The Lanier 2000 fax delivers many features typically reserved for high-volume, business-class fax machines in an affordable, small-workgroup solution. Its 33. 6 kbps modem ensures fast transmission and lower long-distance costs.

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