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Transaction Link (Lanier)

With Transaction Link, users of Sage MAS 90™ and MAS 200™ accounting systems can use their Multifunctional Products (MFPs) to scan paper documents and link the resulting electronic files to specific transactions within their accounting software. Transaction Link solves the problem of supporting paper documentation being disconnected from the accounting transactions it relates to.


·  Transaction Link is powerful middleware that bridges the scanning capability of MFPs to associate paper documents with their respective accounting transactions
·  Can integrate with existing business processes to measurably improve document workflow efficiency, compliance, customer satisfaction and profitability
·  Ideal for accounting departments in virtually any small or medium-sized businesses that use Sage MAS 90™ and MAS 200™
·  Broadly applicable to a variety of industries including: Real-Estate, Legal, Healthcare, Non-profit organizations, Manufacturing
·  Improve financial management by gaining ready access to original documents that are the basis for many transactions
·  Enhance productivity by speeding up critical workflows
·  Increase profitability by reducing or doing away with labor intensive physical document filing and retrieval processes
·  Ease audit readiness preparations and provide support for compliance initiatives (such as Sarbanes-Oxley and other standards)
·  By leveraging the familiar interfaces of Sage's MAS accounting systems and the MFP, Transaction Link requires little or no training
·  Easily convert paper documents to scanned PDF files
·  Categorize scanned documents by transaction type prior to scanning - such as by customer, proposals, purchase orders, invoices, receipts, etc.
·  Access scanned documents from a desktop computer with comprehensive searching, retrieval and reporting capabilities
·  The Transaction Link solution consists of three primary software components and can be installed quickly - since it is specifically designed to integrate with Sage MAS 90™ and MAS 200™
·  Transaction Link software is installed on a document server, the Client application is installed on a compatible Multifunctional Product, the Transaction Link Enhancement installs on the Sage MAS 90™ or MAS 200™ system
·  Transaction Link utilizes the same Sage log-on credentials for optimized security and user acceptance
·  Administrative functions such as setting up document types are easy to perform

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