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GlobalScan Serverless (Lanier)

GlobalScan Serverless provides network scanning and document distribution using multifunctional systems without the need for a dedicated server. It enables users to send any scanned document through email or to a network folder. With GlobalScan Serverless, you can send hardcopy documents across the enterprise or all over the world.


· GlobalScan™ Serverless delivers secure network scanning and routing using Multifunctional Products
· Robust, scalable and user-friendly system of electronic document distribution

· Reduce or eliminate overnight delivery, faxing, storage and document handling costs
· Reduce or eliminate fax line, and fax costs
· Reduce storage and document handling cost

· Conversion of paper documents into digital files saves personnel labor time and charges for manual filing and retrieval
· Reduces and/or eliminates cost of courier services - documents are delivered in minutes vs. 1 to 2 days
· Saves expense of physical file cabinets and floor space allocation costs
· Eliminates cost of dedicated scanners
· Serverless configuration eliminates the cost of a dedicated server and IT Resources

· One touch of a button distributes to multiple locations across the country or around the world (See Screne Shots)
· Scan-to-Email and Scan-to-Folder capability for rapid distribution of scanned documents
· Unlimited E-mail addresses can be accessed from the company's Global Address Book (displayed at MFP Operation Panel)
· Accepts entry of any valid Internet E-mail address from the MFP operation panel
· Scan directly to one or more folders residing in the Windows or Novell network share drive
· Variety of standard file formats (single Page TIFF, Multipage TIFF, PDF Image, JPG)
· Automatically scan to user's Home Network Folder

· Configure any number of MFPs with the configuration utility from any authorized PC
· Changes made to your email server are reflected instantly at the MFP
· Multiple Network Log-in Authentication
· 128 bit encrypted transmission of scanned documents using HTTPS
· Ability to easily manage enabled MFPs with the configuration utility
· GlobalScan Serverless utilizes an Open Architecture

· GlobalScan Serverless users can transition seamlessly to GlobalScan Server for more advanced features such as OCR, plug-ins for ECMS, Facsimile server support and much more

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