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Dataworks PRO (Lanier)

Dataworks³ PRO software delivers a variable data printing (VDP) solution designed for scale and sophistication. The solution lets you bring your most innovative marketing and relationship-building ideas to life as true direct mail or transpromotional documents, while also having the power to manage complex, large volume, enterprise wide, transactional output.



  • Organizations can use Dataworks3 PRO to make powerful connections with customers and prospects
  • Manage all types of VDP workflows including, simple high volume direct mail, complex transactional environments and sophisticated transpromotional requirements
  • Merge direct mail and transactional data with rules based targeted graphics, logos, and content for better than average reader response rates
  • Process and output complex, multi-part transactional documents on a large scale interfacing directly with Ricoh high-volume production MFPs and printers
  • Powerful Dataworks3 PRO MAIL brings the highest discounts available from the USPS
  • Dataworks Archive options provides automated archival of documents in electronic format. When used in conjunction with DocumentMall solution, hardcopy storage costs can be significantly reduced and provides for improvements in workflow processes and regulatory compliance.


  • Automatically assemble intricate, eye-catching promotions that incorporate detailed transactional data with highly specific personalized messaging
  • Produce high volume customer invoices and statements like, utility billing, business forms, and other documents
  • Output dynamic communications for virtually any industry including: Government, Utilities, Manufacturing, Distribution, Finance & Insurance, Education, Healthcare
  • Multi-channel marketing efforts can be achieved by delivering documents to e-mail addresses and fax numbers, in addition to print
  • Developed specifically for complex high volume workflows, such as those found in graphic arts, data centers, and in-plant production environments
  • Create automated archival of transactional documents, such as bills, checks, invoices and purchase orders to streamline workflow processes by leveraging the Dataworks Archive option with exclusive DocumentMall solution.


  • Highly personalized messaging for increased response
  • Increase revenue from up-selling opportunities based on a customer's purchase history
  • Save time and money by automating manual production processes
  • Aid in compliance initiatives by reducing or eliminating third-party, external processing and handling
  • Convert aging and expensive legacy data workflows to today's application standards
  • Lower postage and VDP preparation costs with the Dataworks3 MAIL Option
  • Eliminate pre-printed forms, green-bar paper, letterhead and other pre-printed stationery
  • Reduce document storage costs and filing errors with the Dataworks Archive option


  • Simple to use, intuitive, visual WYSIWYG interface
  • Design and setup forms one time, connect to virtually any host source and Dataworks3 PRO software automatically populates the forms
  • Advanced workflow automation capabilities
  • Ability to apply conditional logic for highly targeted communications
  • Apply printing rules for flexible output such as printing different parts of the same document in color and black & white or printing in color only for select recipients
  • Achieve production class output speeds and job throughput


  • Dataworks3 PRO installs on a Windows PC
  • Automates the input from host systems
  • Processes multiple forms of data (Line printer, XES, LCDS, ASCII, EBCDIC, CSV, others.) from virtually any host including for example, AS400, S390 and UNIX.
  • Transforms Line Conditioned Data Streams (LCDS) to a more flexible open data format permanently, instead of repeatedly converting the data for every application
  • Advanced input filtering lets you control incoming data at the detailed level
  • Automatic archiving of finished documents to web-based storage or network storage with the Dataworks3 ARCHIVE Option

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