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Web Based Driver Installer (WBDI) (Lanier)

Product Overview

WBDI is a web-based solution that allows users the ability to search for printers by location and then install the right printer drivers without help desk or IT support. Designed to support large printer installations, with a large user base, the WBDI solution significantly streamlines the process of updating drivers that may need to occur daily or during planned computer refresh or printer fleet refresh events.

  • Web-based solution allows administrators to establish a self-service access point for printer driver installation
  • Users themselves access the WBDI site via the company intranet to install or update the drivers they need to print
  • Designed for large organization printing environments
  • Ideal for organizations looking for an automated way to deploy print drivers to users without their needing extra support
  • Reduces staff support costs associated with printer driver installations
  • Minimizes transition pain of deploying large numbers of new printers and/or computers
  • Eliminates the need for expensive print servers
  • Removes the print server as a single point of failure
  • Reduces network traffic associated with printing via print servers
  • Provides mobile users and new employees easy access to print output
  • Users access the WBDI site and search for the desired printer, or select it from a list, install the applicable driver and print
  • Advanced search parameters let users locate printers by: printer name, location (such as city, building, or floor) or IP address
  • Drivers install automatically without needing administrative privileges
  • Facilitates "Uninstall" when printing to a device is no longer needed
  • An application tool allows administrators to package groups of drivers to be available via the WBDI web site
  • Drivers can be preconfigured so default settings, such as duplex or B/W, can be deployed easily
  • Supports direct IP printing initiatives
  • Supports all printer and MFP manufacturers, printer models, drivers and languages
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