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FlexRelease CX (LANIER)

Product Overview

FlexRelease CX is a hosted cloud print service that allows users to submit documents to be printed on demand at any FlexRelease CX-enabled device. For those companies who have a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiative, users can upload and print documents, emails and other files from their PC, tablet, or smart phone.

  • Easy to use solution for storing and releasing print documents from mobile devices and PC’s.
  • Users can submit documents from their mobile devices or PC’s to be printed on demand.
  • FlexRelease CX authenticated release station at the MFP or printer provides users with the freedom to pick up print jobs at the device of their choice – the print job follows the user.
  • Little or no IT involvement.
  • No capital expenditure for software and servers.
  • Documents cannot be picked up at the printer by another user – helps customers protect information confidentiality. The user must enter their user name and password, or swipe the user ID card at the device to retrieve their document for printing.
  • Print from your mobile devices.
  • Location-free printing. Print anywhere in your company from a FlexRelease CX enabled device.
  • Helps companies reduce wasted prints. No need to reprint documents that were lost, thrown away, or timed out. No need for banner pages. Helps companies save money by reducing toner usage and paper.
  • Abandoned jobs on the cloud server can be purged at a specified time by the administrator.
  • Authenticated Print Release
  • Location-free printing. Print from any FlexRelease CX enabled device in your company
  • Print from your mobile devices
  • The users may print from directly from their PC or upload a document to the cloud server directly from an iOS app; other mobile devices can send documents via email.
  • After print jobs have been submitted to FlexRelease CX cloud server, the user may then print the documents on any FlexRelease CX enabled device in your company.
  • Because the user must authenticate at the device, only the user who submitted the original print job can access, view, and print out the documents.
  • When printing documents, the user simply authenticates into the FlexRelease CX enabled device by entering their user name and password, or swipe their user ID card. Once authenticated, the user can access and print their documents, as well as selecting the number of copies, change color to B/W, or select duplex.
  • Each device requires a FlexRelease CX embedded java client installed.
  • If printing from a PC, a FlexRelease CX port monitor is installed on the PC.
  • iOS devices have an app that will allow the iPad/iPhone user to upload documents directly to the FlexRelease CX cloud server. Other mobile devices may send documents via email.
  • Card Authentication Package
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