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Smart Accounting (LANIER)

Product Overview

Smart Accounting software allows you to monitor all print, copy, scan and fax activity for devices and associate costs for tracking and charge-backs. This comprehensive solution allows you to understand and manage document output costs to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Tracks Activity by User – Access to MFP features requires a pre-assigned user code, which accurately tracks all activity for future reporting.
  • Creates Detailed Reports – Administrative and end-user reports provide detailed information on all activity and allows costs to be associated for tracking or user bill-back purposes
  • Provides Advanced Tracking – Smart Accounting supports tracking of not only printing and copying but also can accurately track all scanning and outbound faxing activity for advanced reporting.
  • Targeted towards small to mid-size business looking to control and save on document output costs
  • Facilitates charge-backs for document output, which is critical in environments such as Real Estate
  • Cost effective accounting solution for output tracking and charge-backs
  • Automates the process of allocating costs back to end users or departments for document output
  • Allows you a controlled way to offer color output while accurately tracking individual usage
  • User codes and device privileges (such as color printing and copying) are assigned via the Smart Device Monitor for Admin application.
  • All print activity as well as walk-up copying, scanning and faxing is tracked via the user code
  • Detailed pricing assignments are created and associated to user’s activity prior to report generation
  • Multiple pricing tiers can be created allowing for advanced reporting
  • Detailed reports included Administrative, End-User and Departmental summaries
  • Reports can be printed or exported to XLS for future reference
  • Installs on an administrative computer, eliminating the need for an accounting server on the network
  • Print tracking is supported by standard print drivers or can be used with customized pop-up drivers for shared PC environments
  • Report export is available in XLS format for importation into other accounting software solutions
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