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Print & Copy Control™ (LANIER)

Product Overview

Print & Copy Control™ helps you simultaneously control MFP access, manage account codes, track use, increase user mobility and minimize waste. Eliminate the setup, maintenance and hassle of external copy control terminals with Print & Copy Control™ software.

  • Print & Copy Control™ software installs on the hard disk of Multifunctional Products and uses the built-in front panel touch-screen display
  • Manage all account information and reporting from one central location
  • Saves time and money by eliminating the need install, configure, and service external copy control terminals
  • Allows secure release of confidential documents via the front panel display
  • Accurate tracking of GlobalScan™ actions when using the optional Equitrac External Data Connector
  • Offline operation captures transactions in case the network connection is lost
  • Ensure scanning security with Scan-to-Me™ to only a user's email
  • Controls user access and tracks copy/print activity, faxes, scans and users' accounts then sends the data to your Equitrac system
  • Tracks walk up copies for users, departments, and client accounts
  • Secure printing option restricts unauthorized access to private documents
  • Optional plug-in available for Single Sign-on when used in conjunction with GlobalScan 3.1 Workflow Suite and GlobalScan-NX
  • User enters PIN number or network login or authenticates by card reader (to unlock the front panel display), selects jobs for printing, and presses print
  • Multiple jobs can be selected for printing without changing screens
  • Summary of account and total copy charge is displayed upon completion of job
  • Provides secure environment for storing confidential print jobs; listed on server by filename, time sent, number of pages, and paper size
  • Users' account balance is verified before the job is released for printing
  • Automatic discovery of the user's Follow-You print jobs
  • Simple to install
  • Auto-discovery of devices
  • Software is easily installed on select Java-enabled MFPs
  • Configuration changes done at server (not at each individual MFP)
  • Remote installation support
  • Supported ID card types are MIFARE, LEGIC, HID Prox (125 KHz), Indala/Hitag/EM Marin and magnetic stripe cards
  • Supported ID card types are MIRFARE®, LEGIC®, HID® Prox (125KHz) and magnetic stripe cards
  • GlobalScan 3.1 Workflow Suite
  • GlobalScan NX
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