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@Remote Office (LANIER)

With @Remote Office, collection and submission of meter data can be automated eliminating the manual collection and reporting of meter data. @Remote Office utilizes a single, thin-server type appliance to collect and report device data, automate service and toner alerts, and enable remote firmware upgrades. In addition, @Remote’s secure, web-based reporting portal transforms captured data into valuable population, utilization, trending and Green Reports.



  • The @Remote Office appliance facilitates device management for a networked fleet of Multifunctional products and laser printers
  • Collects and submits meter data on a schedule that meets your needs
  • Intelligent alerts automatically notify service providers of Ricoh devices needing service and toner*
  • Enables remote scheduling and completion of individual firmware upgrades
  • Provides access to device utilization reporting via a secure web-based reporting portal
  • Certified under ISO15408 / Common Criteria Certification: Assurance Level: EAL 3
  • -Note- *Ability to provide automation of service and toner alerts is based in part on the capabilities of the service provider.


  • Automates the external communication aspect of device management
  • Eliminates manual meter collection and submission
  • Provides visibility to networked output device population and usage trending
  • Provides Green Reports for Ricoh devices


  • Increased device up-time
  • Automatic, accurate, timely meter reads and billing
  • Eliminates need for manual meter collection and reporting
  • Usage reporting for the device fleet is accessible via a secure (HTTPS) website
  • Ability to optimize for efficiency and cost reduction
  • Provides usage data to enable you to match device location to work load, optimize efficiency and reduce TCO


  • The @Remote Office appliance automatically transmits encrypted device usage data (including meter data) to the secure @Remote hosting facility
  • Usage data for the fleet is automatically aggregated by the @Remote service and made available, through a secure web portal, as Fleet Utilization reporting
  • Reporting includes: Fleet Population, Utilization, Trending and Green reporting (See Sample reports/screen shots)
  • @Remote collects Print, Copy, and Fax output usage data for Ricoh devices, and collects total print meter for legacy and third-party devices
  • Toner alerts and service alerts are sent in real time*
  • Device firmware may be upgraded on a scheduled basis*
  • -Note- *Ability to provide automation of service and toner alerts is based in part on the capabilities of the service provider.


  • Setup and installation requires no IT personnel resources
  • Includes auto-discovery of network devices
  • The Remote Communication Gate is a Linux based thin server
  • Protocols: TCP/IP, SNMP v1/v2/v3, HTTPS, SOAP, SMTP, DHCP
  • Out of the box, each Remote Communications Gate appliance monitors up to 500 devices and manages up to 100 Ricoh devices. Optional memory and storage upgrades expand monitoring capabilities from 500 to 1,500 networked devices and management capabilities for Ricoh devices from 100 to 1,000 devices
  • Transmits data to the @Remote hosting service via HTTPS secure communication Port 443

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