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Digital StoreFront (LANIER)

Digital StoreFront (DSF) is a web based file submission tool that simplifies print ordering over the Internet or Intranet to maximize TDV on the Ricoh Family Group’s HV product line up. DSF maximizes customer reach, ensures base retention, optimizes the customer’s profitability and provides unmatched control and flexibility. DSF can be self hosted on the customer server or hosted on EFI’s server as an ASP.



  • Ideal for local, national or global document production centers or departments needing a centralized document job submission portal via the web.


  • Personalized website
  • Automate the workflow in your Print Center, improving productivity and device utilization
  • Eliminate the manual handling of files, redundant data entry and opportunity for error
  • Grow your reputation in the market and take customers from the competition
  • Job tracking from beginning to end
  • Decrease proofing cycle time
  • Pricing & Tax Administration
  • Merchant account support
  • Increase retention with ease of use and satisfaction


  • Allows print centers to accept files not encumbered by the small email size limitations.
  • Does not require print centers to have all of the software application packages and versions to open up print files for printing. Digital StoreFront converts everything to PDF.
  • PDF files are created on users desktop so the print center does not have to worry about missing fonts or resource forks saving time and money.
  • Customizable print ticket so the print center does not have to call the end user to get job specifications like finishing, weight of paper, etc.
  • Strong reporting capabilities for invoicing, charge backs or budgets.
  • Device independent… Digital StoreFront can send jobs to any print device that can handle a PDF file.
  • Local state and non-profit tax calculation


  • This solution can be in tandem with MicroPress, Fiery, and Fiery Central

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